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The Angels Cars Story

Ismail Amin – Managing Director
RoyalEx was opened up by 6 Japanese Directors "Yoshkawa San, Sato San, Mori San, Ito San, Tanaka San and Yoshida San as Mr Ismail Amin was a personal Chauffeur for these highly respectable directors so therefore as Mr Ismail Amin's quality of service was so professional the directors would refer other people to use Mr Amin as a personal chauffeur so therefore their demand grew more and they requested Mr Amin to open his Chauffeur Service so he can recurit and provide his own tailor made customer service to highly reputable clients. After 1 year Royal Executive Cars the quality of service was maintained at a professional rate the demand for taxis grew more as the quality of service was ahead of the competition. Now RoyalEx operates in the head office in the Heart of West London with over a 100 Vehicles of varying variety on the road, thus enabling us to offer a 5 minute on-demand service in most locations.
The name RoyalEX was chosen as people refer "Royal" as the best and the superior. 
" Founded is Acton in 2003 with just one car, RoyalEX now carries 7 Thousand passengers a year"